Our laboratory is strictly requested to perform one patient’s test procedure at a time, all tools must be taken away before proceeding to the next patient. One technician doing the same test procedure for 2 different patients is not allowed.

There is no documented age limit for couples who are proceeding to IVF. Age is a key factor, for a woman over 40, she should have strong evidence by serum AMH test to support that she still can produce enough eggs, even though, her chance of successful pregnancy is only below 10%. For men, age is not a problem, as long as his semen shows there is live sperm, then he can proceed to IVF.

One attempt costs around NTD 15, 000 – 20,000. depending individually.

IVF has a successful rate of 40-70% depending on the age, sperm, egg and embryo quality, route of fertilization and individual physical status.

Not really, indeed, we suggest you to have daily life as usual, but no heavy exercise.
Keep a happy and joyful mind which are important for success.

That depends on the embryo status, for a fewer number of available embryo, we suggest to replace it at an earlier time, day 3. If there is more available embryo, then we suggest to prolong the incubation time through day 5, we believe that only the appropriate embryo can go through the natural selection period (day 3-5), during this period, those inappropriate or abnormal embryos will stop growing and vanish spontaneously, then those surviving embryos at day 5 is believed to be better in quality and may have a higher chance of successful pregnancy.

Fresh embryo transfer is usually performed when there is only a few available embryo, and the uterine endometrial thickness is appropriate for replacement. Otherwise, we suggest frozen embryo transfer.

Live as your usual daily life, no heavy work and no intercourse before the pregnancy confirming test. The most important is to keep on using Progesterone supplement and a joyful mind.